Tuesday, 8 November 2011

My Cefiro #29: Hills & hospital

I got the itch for more hills driving after puttering around the suburbs, so on a decidedly grey afternoon I made my way up to Gorge Road, and proceeded to increase my fuel usage threefold.

It began raining fairly soon after I started to drive further east, which made the drive a bit different to the others. After the first section of Gorge Road it settled down a bit, and I pulled into a lookout area as the sun came streaming through the fast-moving clouds.

While I do like having my car nice and clean, there was a certain amount of satisfaction in seeing the Ceffy dirty and dripping wet, with the exhaust burbling away as I snapped away; it's made for enjoyable drives like this.

It started raining quite hard soon after I took off, to the point that I pulled up in a slow vehicle lane on Gorge Road for a few minutes, as I couldn't see too well. It died down fairly quickly, and I went up and back on one of my favourite sections. With a cliff wall right next to the road, you get some pretty epic exhaust sounds when you put the foot down.

Since the roads were still quite wet, I was taking it fairly easy. But at the end of a gentle corner, I hit what must have been a patch of oil at about 50, and the car immediately snapped sharply sideways with no warning. With a rock wall on one side and guardrail on the other, I had to pull over a few minutes down the road to change my underwear.

Driving further on I stopped on a dead end road near Mount Torrens. They're usually better for taking photos, as there's obviously less chance of traffic. 

With sunset fast approaching, I started to head back to Adelaide, stopping again between Norton Summit and Adelaide.

Daniel's daughter Ella was at the Women's & Children's Hospital, getting ready for surgery to install a gastrostomy tube, similar to my tube, but in her stomach. So after getting back into town, I clunked my way into the multi-level carpark and headed up to the wards.

For this hills run, I had my GoPro HD Hero camera stuck on the windscreen, taking photos at two second intervals for the majority of the driving.

 This time lapse video consists of around 4500 photos, and condenses several hours of driving into a little over four minutes. You'll see me wandering around taking photos here and there as well.

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