Monday, 7 November 2011

My Cefiro #28: Sleeka Spares & suburbs

When I bought the Cefiro, I was under the impression that it already had a HICAS lock bar fitted. But while taking the rear wheel off, Daniel pointed out the fact I didn't actually have one. So the week after I made a trip to Sleeka Spares to pick up a lock bar kit.

One thing I like about visiting import/performance workshops, is that there are usually at least a couple of interesting cars around whenever you go. Walking across the road, I saw this late 1990s Toyota Corolla Levin coupe sitting in a yard opposite Sleeka Spares, a model that is very rare here.

There were a few carcasses walking through the gate, including this Toyota Celsior which had certainly seen better days. 

I wasn't expecting it, but there were actually two Cefiros sitting in front of the shop, clearly both track only drift cars.

The pink and black Ceffy belongs to Kelly Wong, one of the shop owners. A very small minority being a female drifter, she takes it to the track for some sideways action quite often, here's a short clip from Mallala.

Once inside I had a bit of a look around at the parts and stuff, and then bought the lock bar kit.

The Cefiro was becoming a daily driver now, and I drove it around to places fairly regularly. Sally and I visited a couple of friends who run a hip-hop/breakdance studio, and while they practiced I mucked around a bit taking photos using the mirror and reflections in the window, which made for some interesting shots.

And a few more random photos.

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