Monday, 7 November 2011

My Cefiro #27: Ceffy & Pintara hills run

Once we'd got both cars sorted and ready to go, Daniel and I headed up to Japanese Import Spares on the way to the hills, for a more informed look at different rims, sizes and offsets.

 There was a sedan sitting at the warehouse door with the front wheels on ramps, and a couple of guys working on it. I didn't have a good look at the time, but I think it's a Toyota JZX80 Cresta or Chaser, a model I don't recall having seen on the roads at all.

 The style I'd most taken a liking to were these kind of mesh rims. There are so many variations of similar styles that I'm not 100% what these are, but I think they're Work Stitches.

 I had a look at the specs; the rears were 17x10s, -23. A full inch wider than the P1s, and with a negative offset, they would be very hard pressed to not stick out the guards like a 4wd. But we rolled one outside to see how it looked next to the car anyway.

One the way through the warehouse, one of the guys working there asked what car it was for. I said a Cefiro, and he had a bit of a 'That ain't gonna fit..' expression when I said it. Which is a fair point, the 17x9 P1s are pretty much flush with the guards as it is.

They did look good when Daniel rolled it across the rear wheel arch.

 There was no way they would fit without some serious guard rolling, but it was fun to have a look anyway.

 Back inside, we had a look at a few more rims that would fit our respective cars.

They have new stock coming in frequently, if you wanted to browse some parts, have a look at their website:

After a bit of a poke around and with daylight fading, we started to head up towards Tea Tree Gully and into the foothills. After a fairly busy day physically, my stomach wasn't all that pleased with me doing more than usual, so I was feeling rather off for a while on the drive up.

Having syringed a couple of cups of water through my jejunostomy feeding tube before we left, the fluid had made its way south, and before we drove up into the hills, I stopped at a tavern for a few minutes. 

 With sunset fast approaching, I jumped back into the Ceffy, and let Daniel take off in front of me. His Pintara makes around 160kw at the wheels compared to my Cefiro's 139kw, so he does have the upper hand power wise. Although I'd already been on several hills runs at this point, both by myself and with my girlfriend Sally, being able to head out with a mate in another noisy turbocharged car was awesome.

So we wound around some of the twists and turns for quite some time, enjoying the power, the fresh air, and the sounds of spooling turbos and crackling exhausts against the trees and rocky hillsides. Driving in the hills was enough fun to take my mind off feeling sick; although this generally doesn't work if you're in the passenger seat. By the time we made it into the small town of Gumeracha, the sun had just set, which meant there wasn't much light left for photos.

So we both pulled into the carpark adjacent to the town's main oval, and I grabbed my Nikon D300 and Nikkor 50mm f/1.4, and started rattling off some shots while there was still enough available light left.

Without a tripod or enough time to use one anyway, I just pushed the ISO up on the camera, while opening up the 50mm to let as much dusk light in as possible. It was really quite cold by this point, fortunately I had a jacket in the back of my car to wear, but Daniel was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and didn't find standing outside in the chilly hills air particularly comfortable.

So here are some of the quick snaps I took of our cars.

After getting thoroughly freezing while standing outside taking photos of the cars, and the sky darkening too much for handheld photos, we headed back to Adelaide.


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