Thursday, 10 November 2011

My Cefiro #30: Shopping and swapping

The cycle continued with some more daily driving...

...which included a goods transport practicality test at Ikea.

After trying a few different spots, once we laid down the passenger seat, Sally and the Ikea guy managed to cram the box into the car.

Still entertaining the thought of changing my Buddy Club P1s to something in a mesh style, a few days later Prach and I jacked our cars up in his driveway, and prepared to do a front wheel swap out of interest. 

Although I would want something with decent dish, and the size and offset were quite different, I thought it would give me a better idea of what that style would look like actually on the Ceffy.

I'd never had a really close look at Prach's wheels before, and just assumed they were BBS wheels, but on closer inspection it seemed pretty clear that they were copies.

With the front right wheel in place, it was much easier to get a clear idea of what they looked like on my car.

Visually they seemed to flow a bit better; the P1s are quite a dark colour, and don't come up that well in photos taken in sunny conditions. So while I think the P1s definitely make it look tougher, the mesh style rims would look better in photos.

Putting the Buddy Club wheel on Prach's Chaser, it really seemed to suit it well, with the stronger six spoke design making it look decidedly meaner. 

With different widths and offsets, we weren't sure if the rims would fit the other car. They certainly didn't, to the extent that they fouled so badly on the suspension and brakes you couldn't even move them on either car. But it was interesting seeing the difference anyway.

Prach also had some other rims from somewhere, minus tyres, and stuck one on the hub since we already had the other one off anyway.

They looked very small, and when Prach said they were 18s, I didn't really believe him, but a tape measure helped put things into context.

Amusing wheel experiment over, we put the rims back on their respective cars and called it a day.

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