Saturday, 12 November 2011

My Cefiro #32: Post-Targa hills run continued.

It was a really pleasant afternoon for being outside, windows down blasting through the winding roads, stopping here and there for photos as usual.

I took a few more photos going through Gumeracha and Lobethal.

This tree looked quite cool, with the sun lighting up the red foliage on the branches.

After going through Lobethal, I turned to head back Gorge Road on the way to Adelaide.

After enjoying the noise for a little while on Gorge Road, I pulled over for a few photos as dusk fell. This is just before one of my favourite short sections, and probably the best part to hear an engine working its way through the rev range.

Getting closer to Adelaide, I turned onto the gravel area by the side of the road. A small stream lined with overhanging trees runs alongside this part of Gorge Road, and makes for a nice setting.

The sound of the flowing water tends to be quite soothing, unless of course you need to go to the toilet.

By carefully moving down the bank a little, I was able to get a bit of a lower angle. Combined with the rocky hillside and headlights, I think it makes for a pretty cool shot.

With that, it was back to Adelaide...

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