Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Ella's Backyard Dreams Project #4: More construction

After spending a while resting, I went back over to the house to see how the backyard was coming along. Someone had thoughtfully walked around with a box of ice blocks, which I'm sure were very much appreciated by everybody working away under the hot sun.

Here's my dad Peter having a short break from loading the pavers.

Scarlett was having a look too, while getting lots of attention from both of her doting grandmothers.

Out in the backyard, things were looking a bit different, with the small plants and trees set up along the back fence, and the poles for the sails had been secured with concrete in the ground. The trampoline alone was an enormous amount of work.

The boys were kept busy going back and forth with concrete, tools, pavers and machinery. At the same time, Lia, Kelly, my mum Julie and Fiona were also hard at work putting the plants in, working on the fairy garden and decorating the cubby house.

There were quite a lot of flowers to go into the cubby's planter boxes outside the windows.

Here's mum planting the flowers in soil.

Although there was plenty more to come inside the cubby, it was already looking quite special, particularly compared to the plain wooden interior that had existed only a few hours earlier.

I took a few more photos of the gardening, and then headed back over to Wayne and Gildi's house to take some more shots of Ella having fun, while everybody was running around getting her special surprise ready for the evening.

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  1. great re-living the fun of the day