Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Ella's Backyard Dreams Project #3: Construction

With Daniel due to pick Emily up from Glenelg at 1pm, I cut it a little fine by arriving just after 12:30. 

 Lia had been busy packing a picnic for them to take away, with lots of cheese, crackers, wine and various other tasty nibbles. Following a change into slightly less casual clothes, Lia thrust the cool bag into his hands and rushed him out the door, so he could pick up Emily on their way to the hills.

With both of them gone, I took some more photos of the building progress. As you can see in the above photos, lots of bits and pieces were scattered around the property, with a horde of people helping the plan come to fruition. 

 While Daniel and I were up at Mallala, the hole for the newly constructed trampoline had been dug and reinforced.

Lia and Fiona had been hard at work repainting the cubbyhouse, while some of the guys were putting the trampoline together, and preparing the back corner for the upcoming fairy garden.

The gazebo was sitting in the driveway partially constructed.

The small rigid truck outside had a sizeable mound of dirt in the tray, probably mostly from the trampoline-sized hole in the backyard.

Having cut my feed extremely short by stopping it at 8am rather than 2pm, I was getting pretty tired at this point. So I headed next door to Wayne and Gildi's house for a bit of a rest in cooler conditions. They were keeping an eye on their granddaughters for the day.

Since it was quite hot, it was important for everyone to stay well hydrated, particularly Ella and myself. So we both 'did some water' through our tubes; it's probably an odd-sounding phrase, but we're all used to it by now.

I made the mistake of leaving my little cool pack with water bottles, cups and syringe near Scarlett, who promptly tipped everything out when my back was turned and tried to eat the cups and bottles.

Ella was happy relaxing with grandpa and watching The Fairies.

I picked Scarlett up to stop her eating all the plastic, and she took a few photos with my camera which she likes to do sometimes, as you can see in this video clip I took last week.

She then did a scientific experiment to determine whether kicking grandma in the face was more fun than taking photos.

With a few volunteers not able to make it on the day, my awesome parents Peter and Julie generously came out for 5 hours in the afternoon to help make everything happen.

There was still plenty of work to be done, further progress photos in the next post...

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