Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ella's Backyard Dreams Project #2: The distractions

With construction underway, it was time to remove Daniel and Emily from their house for the day. Neither of them knew the details of what we had been planning for the backyard, or their activities during the overhaul.

Shortly after 9, Emily's friend Ayme took her out to a day spa place at Glenelg to be primped and pampered, followed by a visit to Bracegirdle's for some chocolate and wine. 

 Lia had organised some of her close friends and family to write encouraging letters for Emily to read while she was enjoying the facials and getting her hair done.

Meanwhile, for the less girly side of the couple, I drove Daniel up to Mallala raceway, about 45 minutes north of Adelaide. There was a car event on there over the weekend, with lots of burnouts and drifting happening which was good fun.

 We got there a little after 10, and conveniently got a park right next to the drifting skid pan.

After watching a few of the cars drifting for a while on the skidpan, we headed over to the stands to watch some burnouts.

The sun was quite strong, so Daniel was guzzling water much of the time.

Here's a short video of some of the the action; as you can see, massive burnouts are always good for putting a smile on Daniel's face.

With a fairly short timeframe to work with, I was checking my phone every few minutes to see what the time was, and make sure we got back in time for the next stage of plans to go smoothly. We had a bit of a wander around the pits as well, to check out more of the cars.

We sat under the grandstands for a little while for some shade; the midday summer sun at Mallala is quite harsh.

After watching a few dyno runs, I decided it was time to head off, as the drive back to their house can take between 40 minutes and an hour.

Getting back into my unpleasantly warm car, we took off down the highway and drove back to the Jakas household, and returned just in time for the next part of the plan to be put into action.

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