Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ella's Backyard Dreams Project #1: It begins.

On the morning of Saturday the 3rd of December, the transformation of the Jakas' backyard began.

 You can read about the planning day several weeks back here: http://carscameraschronicillness.blogspot.com/2011/11/ella-skye-backyard-dreams-project.html

I pulled up near their house just after 8am. There was already a truck parked outside, and the vacant block next door was full of all sorts of construction equipment and materials.

This is for the in-ground trampoline, so Ella can easily walk in and out of it.

There were some small trees lined up in one of the driveway, ready to be planted at the top of the retaining wall.

Here are a couple of wider shots of the backyard.

These boxes contained bits for the new trampoline.

Inside, Emily was busy brushing Ella's hair, while Lia showed her a cool cake, in a similar theme to the upcoming fairy garden.

With Ella dressed and ready to be taken off for the day by grandma and grandpa, Daniel and Emily gave Ella her morning meds.

Scarlett was being her mischievous self and running away when no-one was watching for a few seconds, while Andrew from the Landscaping Ideas and Design Centre unpacked their trailer.

With Scarlett retrieved, Grandma took the girls over to her house for the day.

Once the kids were safely out of the way, some of the heavy machinery came out to start the landscaping work. The first step was moving the cubby house into the driveway, before removing a couple of sections of the fence to allow materials and machines inside.

Coming up in Post #2; the distractions for Daniel and Emily.

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