Friday, 9 December 2011

Ella's Backyard Dreams Project #5: Ella having fun

Back at Wayne and Gildi's house, Ella's auntie Anita and cousin Zoe had arrived, as well as my fiance Sally.

It was starting to cool down a little bit, so we all went out into the backyard so Ella could muck around and have some fun playing. She really likes their very friendly and enthusiastic dog Huey.

After playing around with Huey for a while, Ella went back over to Zoe and grabbed her hands.

She then had us all laughing with the least subtle whizzy request ever. Without saying anything, she leaned over on one foot, ready to be picked up. 

Zoe asked 'Do you want a whizzy?', and Ella immediately replied 'ok!', which was funny again. So they both span around in circles for a minute or two, with Ella madly laughing away at the world flying past.

After spinning around in so many circles, they were both having trouble standing up straight afterwards.

They then changed to a less dizzying activity, with Ella getting a piggyback around the yard, while Sally, Anita and I watched from our seats at the table.

Which was followed by a brief game of fetch with Huey.

The game then changed to a version of 'Wake up Jeff!' from the Wiggles, which Ella loves playing, and finds it hilarious.

Taking turns at 'sleeping', Ella dragged Auntie Anita onto the lawn to join the game.

After repeated games of wake up Jeff, Ella thought it would be funny to jump on Zoe, and imitate Huey by licking her face, which got some more chuckles from everybody.

Auntie Anita then came back in as a chair...

...and Zoe was a horse.

And here's a video of Ella having fun mucking around with Huey, Zoe and Anita.

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