Friday, 9 December 2011

My Cefiro #39: Down south.

The next day I still had a hankering for more random hills and dirt road explorations, so I headed south, with no particular destination in mind.

Driving down Military Road, a bright red Ferrari F430 turned at a roundabout in front of me. The driver wasn't giving it much stick, but even at low revs it sounded pretty sweet.

I grabbed a couple of shots as it pulled away from a set of traffic lights, next to an old Hyundai Excel. It's kind of funny seeing them side by side; both will get you from A to B, but in very different levels of speed and dollars.

I then continued heading south down Tapleys Hill Road, and kept on it for quite some time, until reaching a turnoff for the Myponga reservoir. I remembered from a previous visit years ago that you can actually drive across the dam wall itself, which was kind of cool.

 I pulled up to take a few photos of the car and rolling landscape.

A ute and trailer going past caught my eye, mostly because it was loaded with what looked like a Datsun 1600 rally car.

Meandering up the road a little further, I stopped at the lookout area.

I then drove over the dam wall which had a nice view, but you're not allowed to stop on it, so I couldn't take any photos. There were plenty of nice dirt roads around, and I started to try and make my way down to one of the beaches.

Like in the previous post, I alternated using my Nikon digital SLR and Canon 35mm SLR with black and white film. After a few twists and turns, I found a picturesque dirt road winding its way through the slopes and down to the shore.

The road itself largely consisted of very fine bulldust on chunky gravel, which meant the dirt got everywhere.


I finally got down to the beach, although it consisted mostly of big rocks.

I then made a somewhat poor choice in turning down a road that was signposted 'dry weather only'. It was ok at the start, but then degraded into a very steep and rocky track. You can't really tell in this photos quite how severe the grade is; but between that and the loose rocky surface, I had to idle down the slope at a snail's pace while standing on the brakes.

I eventually got back onto level ground, and was able to drive along at a decent pace, stopping to take photos of a wrecked old Nimbus, and the Ceffy near a row of big and odd looking trees.

Further down the road banked into a section completely lined by very tall palm trees, which made the scene look very cool, with the road disappearing around the next bend.

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