Sunday, 11 December 2011

Ella's Backyard Dreams Project #6: Almost done.

Going back outside again, Pete and Ella's uncle Wayne were hard at work putting together a small shed to go in the garage. I'm told it was Wayne's first day off from work in a couple of months, and he spent a fair chunk of it working on the backyard project, so I think his efforts deserve a special mention, along with all the other people who helped bring it all together.

Inside the garage, my dad and Gildi were laying the pavers to go underneath the washing line; it was previously just dirt and mud.

My mum was in the backyard giving the freshly planted shrubs their first drink.

The fairy garden in the corner was looking good, with all the trees, plants, flowers and toadstools spread out amongst the stones.

Carin and Kelly were sitting in the shade, laying out and painting a production line of the stone butterfly pavers, which would be mixed with the plain stone/gravel surface for the cubby's outdoor dining area.

The vacant lot next door was looking a little bit emptier after all the building work.

Andrew was working on the stone area outside the cubby, dumping dirt and gravel to build up and level the circle.

Meanwhile, some of the pavers around the trampoline and garage were being trimmed to fit.

Early that morning when I picked up Daniel to go to Mallala, I'd stuck my little GoPro camera on the powerbox in the backyard, and set it to take a photo every 60 seconds. I had two batteries fully charged, but they only last 3 hours or so, making the coverage a bit sporadic, but it still gives a sense of how much work went into the facelift. 

I then went back over to Wayne and Gildi's, with Daniel and Emily due back in the not-too-distant future. 

There were three generations sitting in the lounge; Ella, her grandpa, and great-grandfather. 

Again Zoe was dutifully keeping an eye on numerous children.

I think Lia then got a call that Daniel and Emily were due back soon, and suggested we change the girls into some nice clean clothes when they arrived home again.

It had been a long day for everybody, and Ella was getting a bit tired by this point, wanting to go back home.

Gildi managed to entice her back with some toys and pasta for tea.

Scarlett was having fun eating a toy guitar with great-grandpa, while Max and Gildi found something on TV quite hilarious by the looks of it.

She then fell over on the couch, while grandpa Wayne ordered some pizza for the hungry workers.

And then there was a knock on the door....

 ...Daniel and Emily were back.

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  1. it was funniest home video- clearly a family favourite