Saturday, 5 November 2011

My Cefiro #25: Japanese Import Spares

 With the exterior largely taken care of with the repair and respray, I started thinking about some different rims for the Ceffy. While I wasn't always a fan of them, lately I've found the look of certain mesh rims quite appealing on the right car. Not that I needed much reason to drool over performance parts, but after looking at the wheels available on the Japanese Import Spares website, I decided to go in with Sally for a closer look.

A couple of days previous when going past the Japanese Motorsport workshop, I'd noticed a well-loved white Cefiro amongst the cluster of imports out the front.

Pulling up outside Japanese Import Spares, there were a couple of interesting vehicles in the carpark. There was this rather rare Toyota AE86 Trueno coupe, minus rims and tyres, sitting next to a Nissan R33 Skyline GT-R. There are a few GTS-ts getting around with GT-R badges, so it can be a bit hard to tell sometimes unless you know what you're looking for. Which I don't always, not to the extent of a mad GT-R enthusiast anyway.

Stepping inside, my eye drifted over to the smorgasbord of rims stacked all over the side of the warehouse, enough to make any genuine Jap rim aficionado a little weak at the knees.
Moving to the right, there were loads of various performance parts lining the walls and shelves of the shop area.

These BBS rims were certainly tasty looking, but for $2600 they were staying put, cool as they are.

I grabbed an Option drift DVD while I was there. Despite being in Japanese, there are some words and numbers in English, so between that and the drift run scores, it's fairly easy to get the gist of what's going on in the events. That said, I'm now annoyed I didn't pay more attention in Japanese class back in primary school. So much for my protest at the time that I would never use it.

While I was having a look around, a couple of guys turned up in a nice S14 200SX and van with a car trailer, picking up a 180SX shell, likely for a track car project of some sort.

After buying the dvd and a D1 sticker sheet for fun, we headed back home, stopping on the way to take a few photos at sunset.

With some nicely lit photos in the bag, I headed for home.

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