Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Cefiro #22: Suburbia

My Cefiro #21: http://carscameraschronicillness.blogspot.com/2011/10/my-cefiro-21-hills-run.html

After looking around for a newer model chrome grille for the Cefiro for a while, I finally managed to track one down from a fellow Skylines Australia forum member.

A few days later some packages came in the mail; the new grille and a couple of cool 1:24 scale model cars I'd ordered around the same time.

Following the hills run in the last post, there was some much more sedate driving around the suburbs for a bit.

It wasn't quite as clean as before, my girlfriend Sally wrote my name in the dirt so I would remember which car was mine.

But I did use the backseat to transport a radio control battleship, which is a pretty cool toy for $50.
I had the old Cefiro tail light garnish and the new grille sitting in the boot as well.

We then headed over to a friend's house, to show him what the new (and slightly dirty) paintwork looked like.

The dusk light was quite nice for taking a few snaps of our cars.

His Pintara, which I've mentioned in previous posts, is faster than my car, with the CA18DET engine making 160rwkw, compared to my 139.

Coming up in Post #23; another drive up to Hahndorf.

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