Monday, 10 October 2011

My Cefiro #20: Respray pickup

With the car freshly sprayed and polished, on the 12th of August, I headed back up to Cameron's workshop to pick up the Ceffy. As I walked up the driveway, I saw it was parked outside the spray booth, looking very tidy. Just respraying and repairing those few front panels, as well as painting over the black strips on the bumpers, made a huge difference aesthetically to the car's appearance. With the gouges and mismatched panels gone, it finally just looked really nice, simple and clean, which is the look I had been wanting all along.

I was curious as to how a blue pearl was blended with the white paint, so Cameron took me into his paint storage shed and showed how the paint and pearl combination was mixed.

I was very happy with how clean the Cefiro looked after the fresh paint job. So if you need some quality paint or panel work done, give Cameron a call at Mullers Road Crash Repairs, on 8261 2328.

After chatting for a little while about cars, I handed over some cash for the work, and then stopped in at a BP to fill up the tank. I snapped a few more photos as well.

Premium wasn't cheap that day at $1.64 a litre, but after ten months of having the same tank of fuel while the Ceffy was sitting idle in the garage, I figured it didn't matter that much.

With the fuel topped up, I thought that since the weather wasn't too bad, it would be a good time for an afternoon hills run to get some nice updated photos of it, while still looking clean and polished.

Coming up in Post #21; photos from the hills run.

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