Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ella's new backyard #5

You can see photos from the first four posts here:

A couple of days later, it was time to christen the new outdoor dining setting with its first official barbeque...including ribs, steak and sausages.

 The girls had put out some salad and roast potatoes while the meat was sizzling away, and Scarlett was clearly keen to get stuck into it.

I've never eaten ribs before, and probably will never be able to, but they do look rather nice.

No prizes for guessing whose plate is on the right.

With all the food out, Scarlett was too excited to stay seated.

Ella had a bowl of noodles to eat.

She must have been hungry, but the cutlery choice seemed a little optimistic.
She then did very well in grabbing a roast potato with the big tongs, which aren't the easiest utensils to maneuver with small hands.

Scarlett was finding her dinner both tasty and hilarious.

Changing to a normal fork, Ella was able to tuck into her bowl of noodles, before running off to play in the cubby.

Not content with her bowl of food, Scarlett was slurping away on a vegetable puree.

After looking in the oven, it was exchanged for a rusk biscuit.

Ella made her way out of the cubby, and then went back inside, probably to watch the Lion King, before heading off to bed.

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