Monday, 9 January 2012

The new Nikon D4

A few days ago, Nikon announced the upcoming release of their new flagship digital SLR; the Nikon D4. There's since been flurried activity throughout the photography blogosphere and forums, debating the merits of the new body.

It looks like an amazing camera, and I think there will be some great images captured at the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London. The 2008 Beijing Olympics were held shortly after the D3 was released, and its exceptional low-light capabilities allowed the shooters to come back with pictures that hadn't really been possible before.

Legendary Nikon shooter Joe McNally was one of the pros allowed to play with the D4 for promotional purposes, doing some example shots for Nikon. 

Here's his blog post detailing the experiences with the D4 over the past few weeks of shooting with it:

Here's a link to the official Nikon USA site's current D4 page, for some more detailed info and specifications:

You can download a few sample images here as well:

American adventure sports photographer Corey Rich, whose work I came across years ago on the forums, has just posted a short film on his Vimeo page, shot entirely with the D4.

Even if you're not into photography and/or new technology, it's a beautifully crafted video with some very cool action, angles and locations, and well worth the download time.

 I'm very interested to see what people are going to do with this new beast over the coming weeks and months...and if they will be offloading their D3s bodies cheaply to get their hands on one.

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