Saturday, 7 January 2012

Ella's new backyard #4

You can see photos from the first three posts here:

Moving back inside, the girls started making a Christmas tree cake, and Ella was keen to help out. 

There was an egg casualty shortly after getting the ingredients out.

Scarlett looked on with interest while Emily cleaned up the broken egg.

With everybody else gathered around the bench top, Scarlett wanted to know what she was missing out on, and attempted to stand on Ella's chair.

Ella then picked up and accidentally dropped another egg. With the death toll getting a bit high, Emily got the eggs herself instead.

With the mixture in a bowl, it was a team effort to stir the contents.

Bored of waiting for actual food, Scarlett started gnawing on the bench top instead.



Coming up next...the first BBQ dinner outside.

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