Friday, 6 January 2012

Ella's new backyard #3

You can see photos from the first two posts here:  

A few days after the night photos in Post #2, Sally and I went over to spend some time with the Jakas family. Arriving in the late afternoon after a friend's wedding, we sat outside for a while, with Ella happily running around the new backyard.

A few houses down there's a very cool Christmas light display setup, although it's not quite as effective during daylight, as Ella discovered when peering over the fence.

Both Ella and Scarlett find it amusing to stand in front of the air conditioner fans, letting the air blast them in the face, while talking into it for some funny noises.

Sally then helped her put on some fairy wings, and Ella stood in front of the windows for a while, dancing and admiring her own reflection which was quite funny.

The new trampoline provided some fun and laughs as well. 

Coming up in Post #4; Ella helps Emily and Sally make a cake.

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