Monday, 19 December 2011

Sam & Erin's wedding #2: Arrivals

If you missed the first post, you can see the photos here: Sam & Erin's wedding #1

When I heard the cars outside, I slipped through the back way to the church entrance, where the two cars carrying the bridal party had pulled up.

Shortly afterward, the bright red Ford Fairlane convertible with Erin and her dad in the back stopped just outside the door.

Two of Erin's bridesmaids carefully helped her out of the car, no easy task in a long wedding dress and veil blowing in the breeze.

The photographer quickly herded them around the side of the church for a few photos, and not wanting to get in his way, I took a few of the wedding cars in the meantime. Sam is a diehard blue oval aficionado, and the choice of three classic V8 Ford Fairlanes for the day's transportation was a very classy and fitting one.

With the quick group photos done, they all made their way back inside the church.

Waiting in the hallway, the girls were helping Erin to prepare for the walk down the aisle; putting her veil down and adjusting the dress.

By now everybody was well aware that the girls were waiting outside, and they lined up in preparation for their entry. I took a few more photos of the bridesmaids while they nervously awaited their cue; on the left is Sam's sister Ashleigh, and Erin's sister Joanne.

Erin's other sister Nicole was also a bridemaid, and her friend Amy was maid of honour.

Erin's youngest sister Lauren was the flowergirl, and as the music began to play, the girls all moved forward and out into the church.

Erin and her proud dad David patiently waited arm in arm for their turn, with Erin clearly excited, happy and a little nervous as they waited, and finally began the slow walk into the auditorium.

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