Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Proposal, Part 2

It was now pretty dark outside, and I went out to take some more photos of the lights.

Fortunately there were no awkward moments with a plane mistaking Sally's backyard for a runway.

I broke out some of the glow sticks to write 'Sally' on the floor.

A month or so earlier, I had gone to a tailor to get a vest and pants custom made to fit me. After having the jejunostomy, I can only wear shorts or pants with an elastic waist. So I got them to make some nice dark blue pants with an elastic waistband, as they're not something you can just buy, with a vest to match. They weren't cheap, but I've also never had clothes fit me so well.

Sally had been spending time with our friends Daniel & Emily Jakas, while Prach and I set up the house. So when everything was ready, I called Sally and let her know that she could come over.

We quickly lit all the candles on the table and floor, and due to some poor planning on my part I parked behind Prach, so he hid in his room while I went back to Sally's room to wait for her. In my rush to hide while she drove the few minutes home, I forgot to turn the volume up again on ABC Jazz, although I didn't pick up on that until later.

Sally came in while I was waiting in her room, and sat down to open the present. It was a coffee table book, detailing the story of our lives together in words and pictures over 120 pages. I'm not exactly sure how long it took to make all up, but I would estimate over 100 hours.

I was planning to stay in her room until she'd finished reading the book, but Prach had to go, so there was a moment of reality as we moved cars in the driveway. Then I came into the main room, and took some photos of Sally in the soft, glowing candle light.

Proposal Part 3: http://carscameraschronicillness.blogspot.com/2011/11/proposal-part-3.html

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