Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Proposal, Part 1.

On the 1st of October, I proposed to my beautiful girlfriend Sally.

Here's the story of how I went about it, with help from Prach, who certainly earned his future best man status.

I had a whole lot of stuff in my car, including flowers, balloons, and various bits and pieces for some of the presents.

The proposal was based around this present.

I bought a whole lot of glow in the dark stars and planets to stick on the walls.

As well as numerous sticker alphabet packs to 'write' some things on cardboard sheets, hearts and butterflies.

This is what I had lined up on Sally's bookshelf in her room. On the far left is a photo of us at my older brother Drew's wedding in January 2010, and a special 'Sally' pen.

Next there's a special limited edition Phantom candle. Sally absolutely loves the Phantom, and one Sunday a few months ago, we saw it at a stall in the Fisherman's Wharf Markets in Port Adelaide. She really wanted it but thought it was too expensive for a candle. So the following weekend, I sneakily went over there again and bought it while Sally was at church, stashing it in the cupboard until I needed it.

In the middle is a box of chocolates. And not just any chocolate; it's the Bracegirdle's Signature Selection, which has all their best bite sized products in the one box.

Sally likes blue M&Ms, and picks them out to eat first. After looking around ebay for a while, I found this cool dispenser in the USA, featuring a blue M&M playing the saxaphone. It took a while to get here, and in the meantime I bought a couple of buckets and bags of most of the different varieties of M&Ms. When filling up the dispenser, I underestimated the number I would need to completely fill the sphere with just the blue ones. I think I ended up buying over 2kg worth.

 On the right are obviously some flowers, a good mix of purple ones and bright, happy colours.

Prach setting up some lights outside, leading from Sally's driveway to the front door.

I made a bit of a path on the concrete with heart and butterfly stickers.

She loves Batman too, and I found some appropriately themed tissues one day at the shops.

I hung these butterflies near the door to Sally's room, which turned out to not be the best location in the dark.

Pre-lighting some of the candles.

Next to the main present I spelled out 'I love you' with tea-light candles.

Prach has a couple of mini blowtorch lighters, between the two of us they really helped with lighting up so many candles at once.

Rather than burning the cool Phantom candle, I put some of the small candles around it instead.

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