Friday, 30 September 2011

My Cefiro #19: Painting in progress

 While Cameron was repairing and prepping the Cefiro ready for painting, he said that it had been partly resprayed previously, and the front right hand side of the car was a bit different in colour to the left. To make sure I was ok with blending it, he gave me a call and I headed over to the workshop for a quick look.

Some of the difference between the sides is exacerbated by different lighting, but you could see that the left hand side was a creamier white than the right. The bonnet is obviously different again, being from another car altogether.

I'd actually wanted to get some progress shots while the Ceffy was being painted, so it worked out well in the end that I went up there in the meantime.

So after checking out the paint and taking these photos, I gave Cameron the go-ahead to respray the front end of the car.

Coming up in Post #20; freshly resprayed hills run photos.

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