Wednesday, 28 September 2011

My Cefiro #18: Respray quote and drop-off

I was still feeling quite good the day after the awesome Hahndorf hills run with Sally, so we headed up to Mullers Road Crash Repairs to get a quote from owner Cameron for cleaning up and respraying some panels on the Cefiro.

These first few photos are from a GoPro HD Hero camera, which I had mounted on the windscreen, set to take photos every two seconds. You can see more information about the camera on their website here:

You can make cool time lapse video clips with it taking photos so often, but the drive wasn't particularly interesting compared to hills runs, so these are just a couple with trucks in them on the way up.

Once we arrived at the workshop, I grabbed the D300 for some non-warped photos like you get from the GoPro, which as you can see in the above pictures, has a very wide field of view.

Cameron came out to have a look around the Cefiro, checking out the various marks and paintwork, and gave me a good price to have it all cleaned up. 

Back in mid 2009, I shot one of Cameron's cars for Extreme magazine; a purple EK Holden with a supercharged V8 engine. A beautiful machine and goes quite nicely too with the blower strapped on.

He bought a CD of 30 images from the feature shoot, and had one of them blown up on the wall in his office, which looked pretty cool.

In the meantime, he had also been building up a very tidy Holden FB wagon, with a funky teal and white colour scheme, complete with matching interior upholstery. He was actually headed to a car club meeting a short drive away from my house, so a little later that night Sally and I headed over to West Lakes Mall to check it out. 

Couldn't really take any decent exterior shots at night, so here's one of the interior, but we made plans to get some half-decent photos at his workshop when I dropped off the Ceffy to have the bodywork done.

The next day we visited a few friends.

A week after going in to Cameron's shop for the quote, it was time to drop off the Ceffy, and at the same time grab some daylight shots of his FB wagon.

In the paint booth at the time was this cool old Ford Falcon van.

In the main workshop was the FB wagon, which Cameron had just finished working on.

With the stunning paintwork and chrome, when he parked it outside on the driveway, it made the Ceffy look rather cheap and plastic-ish in comparison.

There's a little bit of a surprise under the bonnet; a much newer fuel-injected RB30 six cylinder engine, pillaged from a Holden VL Commodore.

Coming up in Post #19: In the workshop.

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