Monday, 26 September 2011

My Cefiro #17: Hahndorf hills run

 Following the bonnet swap and after cleaning up greasy hands and changing clothes, Sally and I headed out in the Cefiro, planning on going up to the German Arms at Hahndorf. I felt more relaxed driving around with the car not standing out so much due to panda-spec panels.

Getting up to Glen Osmond Road near the freeway, I pulled into a BP service station to fill the tank up with premium, which certainly hadn't gotten any cheaper since I was last driving regularly.

After topping up the fuel tank, we headed up the freeway towards Hahndorf. The Heysen Tunnels are always a good spot to lower the windows, slow down and then give the car a bit of a boot, with the exhaust and turbo sounds loudly echoing off the tunnel walls. 

A little bit further on we passed a paddy wagon/ute full of pigs which I thought was a bit unusual. That said, I don't live anywhere in the country where putting pigs in a ute is necessary, so it probably isn't odd at all.

Rolling through Hahndorf, the sun was getting pretty low in the sky, so I took a bit of a detour on a random winding road to get some shots of the car in decent light. Coming up to a t-junction, the street sign pointed to 'Pain Road', which was mildly amusing I guess.

A little further up, Pain Road turned into gravel, so I stopped to take some photos of the Ceffy in the shade under some trees, with the golden sunlight in the background. It was so good to have such a nice backdrop for photos, as opposed to my garage or a Foodland car park.

After wandering around taking these photos, it was nearly 5 o'clock. We had been planning to pick up a few things from the Beerenberg strawberry farm on the way, and managed to just get there in time before they closed.

With a few random presents for people, we headed back to the Hahndorf main street and the German Arms for dinner. Well for Sally anyway, I was just syringing water through my jejunostomy tube instead.

Headed back down the freeway, I made the tough decision to take the old Eagle on the Hill road instead of the tunnels again. There are some really nice twisty roads which are much more entertaining to drive on, but you do miss out on the epic engine sounds in a tunnel.

The Ceffy was kind of dirty again after the hills and freeway driving, so close to home I pulled into another BP for a quick happy wash.

After not going for a hills run since April 2010, the feeling of satisfaction I had in finally being able to go for one was great.

Coming up in Post #18; respray quote and random driving.

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