Friday, 25 October 2013

Around the web today; October 25th, 2013.

There has been some pretty harrowing imagery coming out of the bushfire affected regions of New South Wales in the past week or so, from professional photojournalists as well as citizens armed with smart phones. Some of them look very surreal, between the towering walls of smoke and rampaging flames:

However, the situation isn't quite as bad as American TV channel NBC would have its viewers believe:

A paint shop in Osaka, Japan, has a cool new technique for layering diamond designs into automotive paintwork:

Some photos of artwork by UK street artist 'Banksy'. They're far from being what many people would traditionally consider 'art', in that they're large 3D sculptures or sets, not just paint on a flat canvas. I love the first one in particular; a waterfall scene set up inside of a small rigid truck that drives around NYC. There's also a slaughterhouse version, that is not pictured. It would be a lot of fun driving one of those trucks around and tripping people out when they notice what's inside. Some of his pieces involve skirting around the law, like breaking into a zoo to tag an elephant with spraypaint, as well as more dangerous exploits, for example on the West Bank wall on the Israeli/Palestinian border:

Just navigating this treacherously narrow and steep ridge, then making a straightforward jump on a bike over a 72-foot canyon drop would be challenging enough in itself, but this brave lad throws a backflip into the mix for good measure:

Add heavy fog to cars and trucks doing highway speeds and the result isn't pretty. Once cars having started building up a pile in the middle of the road, there's little they can do to stop the cycle:

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