Thursday, 24 October 2013

Around the web today; October 24th, 2013

This 911 driver probably needed some fresh underwear after this close call. I had a couple of interesting moments yesterday on the roads, with a van and AMG C63 pulling out in front of me, but nowhere near as scary as this:

An inspirational post from Jon Acuff, offering some food for thought about pursuing your dreams:

I struggle a lot with the issue of work and income, having been sick for so many years and not physically capable, but having hopes, aspirations and dreams are important for your mental health, whether or not they're going to make you piles of money.

If you like seeing new Camaros in one piece, you probably shouldn't watch this video:

A tasty new Ferrari F12 shreds some rubber around Anglesey Race Circuit, piloted by Chris Harris, whose job is envied by roughly 99.5% of males who have a pulse. Skip the first 5 minutes if you're not interested in hearing about the car and just want to see a Ferrari being thrashed, the sideways shenanigans start at 7:50:

This is a pretty cool wagon/boat trailer/caravan combo:

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