Saturday, 24 December 2011

My Cefiro #41: Extreme Horsepower Show.

After the country drive to Tailem Bend and back, there were a lot of bug spatters and corpses spread around the front end.

 I thought of cleaning the car before heading up to the Extreme Horsepower show, but figured I would only be in the carpark anyway.

 There were a few big American pickups on the way in, this Ford F150 dwarfs the Mitsubishi Lancer parked next to it.

This GMC with dual rear wheels looks like it could tow a house without breaking a sweat.

 There were some cars parked on the grass outside the main pavilion, including this tidy looking R34 GT-R.

 At the entrance there was a 1934 Chevrolet hot rod, looking very slick with its satin black paintwork and shining chrome.

The first car on display inside was an old-school Batmobile.

There were loads of cool cars on display, with quite a few cool hot rods, like this 1934 Ford Roadster.

There were some imports on display as well, including a few drift cars.

 You may recognise this Cefiro fom previous posts; it belongs to Kelly from Sleeka Spares. Since my last visit to the shop, it had undergone a full respray, and was looking quite smart with the new pink and black exterior.

Moving on, this Mazda FD RX7 caught my eye, as did the impressive engine bay.

Monster turbos seemed to be the theme of the day.

I don't usually like the whole S15 with bodykit and shiny wheels style mods, but for what it was, I actually kind of liked the look of this one.

These were probably the most deranged rods in the show, scraping the ground and wearing tyres wide enough to raise a family on.

I'm not sure if this bottle of nitrous oxide is functional or not, but combined with the tyres, ride height and chain steering wheel, at least it's a cool way to die if so.  

I have a bit of a thing for 1950s era American pickups, like this immaculate Ford F100.

This Corvette Stringray was interesting.

Why have just one huge turbo when you could have two?

This hot rod was much better presented than the other two, but with a blown V8 up front, it was just as deranged.

By this point I was getting quite tired from walking around and holding my camera, so I decided to head home, snapping a few more shots on the walk back to my car.

Gotta love tough 57 Chevs.

The next week, I was able to do a little bit of work, taking hospital interior photos for the architecture company my Dad works for. It was nice being in a hospital as a worker and not a half-dead patient, as well as being paid to be there. I found a good park next to an R33.

After a couple of hours shooting, I went into the city to Atkins Technicolour, the professional photo lab where I get most of my stuff printed. With the engagement party coming up, I'd ordered a canvas print with a photo for people to write on.

With that safely stowed in the back, I headed for home to rest.

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