Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Ella's Backyard Dreams Project #7: Daniel & Emily return

 You can see photos from Part 6 here:

After a fun and relaxing day out, Daniel and Emily were back, much to the delight of Ella and Scarlett, who immediately ran to the door to greet them. Emily was looking very nice after her day spa makeover earlier in the day.

 Everyone stood around chatting for a while, as Daniel and Emily shared what they'd done on their 'day off.'

 After spending almost the whole day away from home, Ella was rather keen to go back, and went to the front door several times.

 To try and distract her, they all sat down on the lounge for some cuddles and mucking around.

 Over the fence, everyone was working feverishly to try and get the backyard makeover completed.

 The gazebo and outdoor dining set were in place.

 Andrew had almost completed the butterly-laden stone area outside the cubby.

 The trampoline was installed and paved, minus the side netting, with Kelly shovelling barkchips around the edges to finish the setting off.

 As dusk fell, the arch was raised, and some fairy lights put up.

 While Kelly brought in the mini table and chairs, Lia was busy setting up the table with some champagne to celebrate the reveal. There was still some tidying up to be done, so I went back over to Wayne and Gildi's house to see how the Jakas family was doing.

 Daniel had a long day out, and was relaxing on a comfy leather recliner for a while, while Ella watched some more of the Fairies on DVD.

After some more time had passed, Lia came over to tell them it was almost time to come home, and see what everybody had done. With such an insane amount of work to do in one day, the backyard still needed some finishing touches, but it had been completely transformed to what it looked like that morning.

 Once Lia got the ok, it was time for the reveal, and everyone started moving out, with Ella leading the charge to the front door.

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