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My Cefiro #14: Boostworx

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A bit over a week after I dropped the Ceffy off at Boostworx, I got a call from them saying that everything was pretty much finished. I'd asked them to call before doing the dyno run as I wanted to see it in action myself, so I headed down to the workshop with Sally to see and get photos of the car almost ready to go.

Pulling up in front of Boostworx behind a tough looking dark green JZX100 Toyota Chaser...

...this stunning bayside blue Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R immediately caught my attention.

 Unfortunately as you can see, there's a defect sticker on the windscreen. More about that a little later.

I was wondering what the defect was for as it looked rather tame. After taking a few pics of the GT-R I walked into the workshop to see how the Ceffy was coming along, and saw it first in line up on a hoist.

The front bar was out on a stand being trimmed to accommodate the new intercooler.

After cutting out some of the fins in the front bumper, a couple of the guys tried fitting the bumper on again to see how it looked.

The bumper went on fine, but the little bits of plastic in the side openings looked a bit untidy, so it was off with the bar again for a bit more trimming.

While I was waiting, I had a bit of a wander around the workshop to look at some of the other cars that were there.

This Nissan S14 200SX was sitting on the side, and if memory serves me correctly it's been there for quite a while, and doesn't look to have been driven recently.

Turning through to the adjacent workshop, the closest car was a bit of a surprise for a company that mostly deals with turbocharged Japanese imports; a 1950s Dodge Custom Regal, parked next to a much less surprising Nissan R33 Skyline, and a Nissan Stagea.

Walking back into the main workshop, one of the Boostworx guys had driven his R31 Skyline up near the hoists. It has a rather substantial amount of engine modifications, and from memory the power is somewhere around the 300rwkw mark running E85 fuel.

This Datsun ute looked to have an RB20 shoehorned into it.

Parked behind the black and yellow S14 was this Mazda RX-3 racing car, looking pretty tough with flared arches and wide rims, which I think are Watanabes.

There was another R31 Skyline there which had a rather serious-looking twin turbo setup. 

 Out on the street was a clean Nissan S13 Silvia.

After doing a lap of the workshop, I went back to my Cefiro to see how things were coming along. With the car up on the hoist, I took the opportunity to get a few photos of the underside of the car, which I'd never really seen properly before.

With the last fins on the bumper trimmed off, it was time to re-fit and properly attach it to the car again.

The standard side-mount intercooler looked rather small and sad sitting all by itself on the concrete.

While I was waiting I took a few more random detail shots.

With the front bumper back on the car, it was time for the dyno run.


At just under 140kw at the wheels it's not going to break any land speed records, but for standard boost and tune it's not a bad power figure. 


And as promised earlier, a little more info on the R34 GT-R that was parked outside when I turned up. Despite looking relatively sedate, with a front-mount intercooler and different rims, it turned out to be anything but. I can't remember the exact details, but with the T51R turbo setup it had on the RB26, it was making roughly 600kw at the wheels. Which makes my 139rwkw Cefiro seem like a toy in comparison.

It was apparently defected on the way back from Mallala after a track day. The owner was pulled over on the side of the road by the police, and the officer went up to the car to have a look. He started by pressing on the boot, saying that since the suspension was stiff it was illegal, and once he saw the aftermarket performance catalogue under the bonnet it was sticker time.

After closing the bonnet on my car and driving off the dyno, there was an odd rattling noise coming from underneath the bonnet. Having a look at the engine bay again, the new intercooler piping was fouling on a few of the radiator fan blades, so there was a little bit of plastic trimming to be done to rectify the problem.

After a few minutes spent removing a couple of centimetres from the offending fan blades, the Ceffy was good to go.

It was good to be jumping back in the driver's seat again, and I enjoyed giving it a boot down the expressway, with the volume now turned up a bit on the induction and turbo noise side of things. It was also good knowing everything had been checked out, so I didn't have to worry about something going wrong from old fuel or bad spark plugs. So it was good to steer it back into the garage at home, ready for some proper driving soon.

Coming up in Post #15; more daily driving.

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  1. NIce shots there Bro, The old Datsun has a CA18det in it.