Monday, 12 September 2011

My Cefiro #12: On the road again.

After making the big step of getting the Ceffy up and running once more, I was finally able to start driving and go to different places in it, which hadn't happened for a very long time. 

First up was getting some fresh petrol in the tank, although on the way my girlfriend Sally and I stopped off at the Semaphore Fish Palais, which was about to close down. We picked up a few things in preparation for an aquarium, including a stand which just fit into the boot.

 I then headed over to West Lakes, babying the car at low revs with the dodgy old petrol until I got to the Shell petrol station, and topped up a third of a tank with some V-Power premium fuel.

After being in the garage for so long, there was a distinct layer of dirt and dust on the car, and given my lack of health and energy, I decided to drop the car off to get washed while we went into the shops.

With the Cefiro's heavy duty clutch not being the most user-friendly, when I handed over the keys to one of the attendants, I warned him that the clutch was pretty gnarly. He brushed the comment off with a wave of his hand, saying 'We drive lots of different cars all the time.' 

He then proceeded to stall the car trying to move it into one of the wash bays, which was kind of funny considering his response to my advice. I was just bringing my camera up to take a video and missed it, but got him scraping across one of the bumps, after getting some advice from his boss about the tricky clutch.

With the car cleaned up nicely over the next half an hour, a couple of days later, I headed over to a crash repair shop to ask about respraying the bonnet and front quarter panels on the car. The shop had done the respray on my boot and bumper soon after I bought the car, and did a good job, so he had a walk around to make an estimate on the cost.

Here's a closer look at the scrapes on the front left quarter panel and bumper. It's not drastic, but enough to make it look untidy, and along with the bonnet, was something I wanted to get fixed up and resprayed.

Back in the garage after the wash, the Cefiro looked much brighter with all the accumulated dust and grime removed.

It was good just being able to run around doing relatively mundane activities like going to the shops.

Late one afternoon I drove to the local Foodland, and took a few photos from different angles in the carpark while I was there.

While the car generally looks a plain creamy white, it does have a blue pearl running through that shows in direct sunlight on some angles.

I was also finally able to go and visit a friend at his new house, although the 'natural' driveway at the time wasn't the cleanest area for parking.

With the Cefiro coming back into frequent use, and my general health improving, I figured it was time to continue on my initial plans to modify the Cefiro to how I wanted it.

Coming up in post #13; the second round of modifications begins.

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