Sunday, 14 August 2011

My Cefiro #9: Respray

My Cefiro #1:

My Cefiro #2:

My Cefiro #3:

My Cefiro #4:

My Cefiro #5:

My Cefiro #6:

My Cefiro #7:

My Cefiro #8:

A couple of days after the hills run in previous post, I took the Ceffy to Seaton Crash Repairs to fix up the rear bumper and boot lid. Since it was pretty discoloured and burnt, I asked them to respray most of the rear bar, in addition to cutting out a neater square opening for the exhaust, and painting the boot white.

After a few days, the car was a ready to go. As you'll see in the photos below, it looks a whole lot cleaner from behind compared to when I first bought it. Photos taken with a Canon Powershot A480.

Stopped at a small carpark near home to snap a couple of shots in the sunlight.

And back in the garage at home.

Sadly, the Ceffy was to stay in the garage for a very long time soon after the respray, as I became too sick to drive for nearly a year.

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