Friday, 29 July 2011

Personal Archive Mining: July 11th, 2009.

This post probably contains the weirdest variety of photos I've taken in one day, all with a Canon Powershot A470 compact digital camera.

Not quite up to the digital SLR standard quality wise, but great for quick macro shots like these, of some worms I found underneath the garage roller door that morning.

I then took a few photos of my old Civic (which my girlfriend Sally now owns) near Queenstown, as a location test for a very cool 454ci Holden LH Torana I had lined up to shoot for a feature in Extreme magazine. Mostly just checking the light, available space and reflections in the water, so photos are nothing special.

And after looking at a couple more locations around the Port Adelaide docks area...

...I snapped off a few shots of this goods train trundling over the Port River bridge.

So there you go; worms, cars, graffiti and trains all in the one day.

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