Friday, 15 July 2011

My Cefiro #3: Buying it and bringing it home

So after putting down a deposit on the Ceffy, I returned a couple of nights later to hand over a wad of cash in exchange for the car. I went back up with a friend in my Civic, so he could check out the car as well, and I also figured it might be a little tricky driving both cars back home myself.

Following a bit of a chat about the car, getting spare bits and pieces together and signing the registration papers, Vince handed over the keys to my new Cefiro. With a little more talent than last time, (still not a lot) I eased the clutch out to reverse back down the driveway, and made my way out onto Grand Junction Road to head back to another friend's house.

I did have a bit of smile on my face on the drive back, having the turbo sounds and power again felt really good. By the time I made it back to my friend's house in Flinders Park, we'd noticed that the Cefiro's left hand headlight was only working intermittently. So it was into the garage to have a look under the bonnet, and try to see what the problem was.

 After a bit of fiddling with the fuses and wiring, we managed to get the light working again fairly consistently, for a little while at least.

 The light was still going on and off for no apparent reason, so after working on and having a closer look at the car for an hour or so, I decided to head home, and take it to an auto electrician to get the problem sorted properly.

It felt good to get the Ceffy back to its new home in my garage, on the drive back I was pondering what to do first, while keeping an eye on the temperamental headlight. Cleaning up the rather rough appearance was first on the list, but there wasn't a whole lot I could do in the dark, so I locked the car up, closed the garage door and headed off to bed, ready to get going the next day.

Coming up in Post #4: Starting to tidy the car up, and the first modifications.

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