Saturday, 16 November 2013

Around the web today; November 16th, 2011.

American photographer Evan Joseph's photo of the NYC skyline at sunset which features on the cover of his new book 400 Fifth Avenue:

His portfolio site shows more of his impressive architectural work:

A review of sorts by Joe McNally and another photographer, commenting on Gregory Heisler's stunning new book '50 Portraits.'

Some extensive discussion about the shocking - but not surprising - step the Chicago Sun-Times took earlier this year; laying off its entire photo staff of 28 people, among them Pulitzer prize winner John H. White, replacing them with pictures from the iphones of reporters:

Looking through the amazing gallery of images that John H. White has captured in his career, it's sad to see that his journey as a veteran newspaper photojournalist comes to an end with a piece of paper, his four decades of experience and prodigious talent replaced by reporters with an iphone, who have not been educated in any way about visual journalism.

Instead you get stuff like this:

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