Monday, 21 October 2013

Around the web today; October 21st, 2013.

A blog post by Nigel Petrie of Engineered to Slide fame, detailing his drifting experiences at World Time Attack over the weekend in his insanely awesome Hilux ute:

A video from WTAC, showing why it's not a good idea to rip a massive burnout on a high-speed corner with cars drifting behind you. Trashed a couple of awesome cars, including Anthony Cece's tough Cefiro.

A police officer in a Commodore paddy wagon makes a surprise house call, by driving through someone's brick fence and parking in their front yard, after being clipped by a turning car:

A father of three gets busted driving at 191 km/h down the highway with his family:

Street racing isn't the best idea, especially if there's a police car behind you at the lights, but this guy got off pretty easy:

An interesting analysis of how cereal was created and subsequently advertised and marketed; in the early days one manufacturer claimed outlandish health benefits from eating his cereal, Grape-Nuts, saying it could cure appendicitis, raise your IQ, and make your blood redder:

A rare all-wheel drive Cefiro wreck up for sale that looks a little worse for wear:

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