Saturday, 25 February 2012

Ella's Story: Family dinner at Baba's #2

Being a pleasant summer evening, after dinner everybody headed outside. After exploring the yard a bit, Ella was very keen on taking the dog for a walk.

With some help from Auntie Anita, Ella took Lilo for a walk around the yard.

Scarlett took the opportunity to start working on her biceps.

The backyard wasn't quite big enough for a decent dog walk, so they all trotted off down the street together.

After walking to the end of the street, Ella and Anita made their way back into the yard.

Fresh from her workout, Scarlett rushed over to show off her guns.

Lilo was pretty excited about it, struggling to get inside.

Emily offered Ella a high-five for walking the dog so well...

...while Daniel had his head stuck under the bonnet of one of the cars, with Lilo safely tied up again on the lawn.

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