Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My Cefiro #40: B&W hills plus Murray Bridge

I'd been wanting to have a look at the Tailem Bend track, particularly the drift course, so I thought it would be good to head up there for the Matsuri event. Unfortunately the day turned out to be stinking hot, which isn't great with my health problems, particularly with the difficulty of staying adequately hydrated injecting water through the tube.

So I thought it would be better to go later in the day. On the way up there, we passed a few tidy examples of classic American muscle cars, which were on their way to a big cruise also on that evening.

It was still quite warm as we crossed the Murray River. 

 Sadly, due to leaving home so late, by the time we got to Tailem Bend, the drifting was almost over. Deciding it wasn't worth paying $40 for less than an hour's worth of action, I turned and went back west, stopping at a lookout on the way.

Sally was getting hungry by this stage, so we picked up a pizza from a place in Murray Bridge, then went to sit on a wharf by the river.

I hadn't been planning on doing more dirt road driving, due to amount of cleaning required afterward. But since the front end was already peppered with dead insect carcasses, a few days later I did some more random exploration down south.  

This time, all the photos were taken using my Canon EOS 33 SLR & 50mm f/1.8, loaded with Kodak T-Max 400 B&W film.

Back in the city, I took a few more frames to finish off the roll of film, before dropping it off to Atkins Technicolour for processing and scanning.

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