Saturday, 31 December 2011

Ella's Backyard Dreams Project #9: Finishing touches

The day after the backyard makeover, Pete and Lia Healy, along with Daniel, were hard at work finishing off the rest of the unfinished work in the backyard.

Part of this was some full-on grunt work digging trenches for the plumbing pipes to go, which had previously been sticking out of the grass, at times providing some manky looking rainwater on top that Scarlett seemed to like the taste of.

Since it was quite hot, the girls were inside, watching one of Ella's favourite movies; The Lion King. 

Shovelling dirt for the trenches was a fairly physical task, with Daniel and Pete both working up a sweat in the sun. Apparently Pete is not a huge fan of having his photo taken, and I believe he made some threats regarding my camera's well-being at this point...but hey, you can't please everybody. And I think all his hard work deserves to be recorded.

The new trampoline now had the netting around the sides.

I was only able to stay for a few minutes, as I was on the way to Sally's dance performance with her hip-hop class, but it was good to get a few more progress photos in daylight.

Some photos of the completed backyard with fairy lights coming soon....

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