Saturday, 19 November 2011

My Cefiro #35: Paint and piping

A few days later I headed over to Cameron's workshop to drop off the Ceffy, followed by Prach in his Chaser.

The paint on the front part of the Chaser's bonnet is a bit faded, so while we were there, Cameron had a look at it as well.

He was interested in what was under the bonnet as well after we had talked about our different engines and power levels.

I had a doctor's appointment in Stirling to go to, so we took off and headed up the freeway.

Our wedding reception is going to be in Hahndorf, and since we were most of the way there already, I thought we might as well check out the place to get some ideas for what was going to happen. I jumped behind the wheel this time, and turned back onto the freeway. While I'm not a big fan of automatics, the wafty and effortless mid-range torque the Chaser has makes for very rapid merging and overtaking, even uphill on half throttle.

Pulling into the German Arms carpark, I spotted this fairly rare Ford Zephyr.

The next day I got a call from Cameron saying the car was all ready, so my mum dropped me off near the workshop. Waiting to cross the road, this S15 Silvia Varietta convertible went past, and I quickly managed to fire off a few frames without looking. They're very rare in Australia, and I think I've only ever seen a couple on the roads. They have an SR20 four cylinder engine, but naturally aspirated, unlike the S15 Silvia/200SX coupe's turbocharged SR20DET.

Walking up to the workshop, I saw the Ceffy parked up near the back.

In addition to spraying the side bumper bits, he also repainted the black section underneath the door with fresh matt black paint. You may have noticed in some other photos that one side was faded fairly badly, and had white streaks which looked a bit untidy. So while not a huge change, the car looked much tidier than before.

Since it was a nice day and I was fairly close to the hills anyway, I kept going east for a nice run, stopping at Houghton for a few photos.

Back at Sally's house later in the afternoon, the soft dusk light looked quite nice.

I made the car dirty again with more driving, so dropped it off at the car wash while shopping.

I noticed this neat R32 Skyline GTS-t burbling around the carpark, it was definitely an RB engine, and going by the sticker on the window, it was running an RB30, which isn't a particularly common engine conversion for an R32.

A few days later I went to see Dr. Bolt about changing my intake piping.

After booking a time to install it, there was another Gorge run with Sally , stopping in Cudlee Creek for a bit.

We then moved on to Camelot Castle, to see what it would be like as a location for wedding photos. The driveway is relatively steep, which wasn't a problem, but the invisible spoon drain at the crest was. So there was a nasty clang and grinding sound as the exhaust hit and scraped the ground, leaving me thinking 'What the hell was that!?' After parking the car I had another look, you can't actually see it at all when you're driving up the slope, which is fine for the majority of cars, but not great for lowered cars with big exhausts.

I'd driven past Camelot Castle repeatedly over the years, but never actually went in to have a look. The front garden area is quite picturesque, and features an epic chess set.

After wandering around the gardens for a while, we headed back home.

We stopped at Vili's on the way for dinner.

Soon after I left the Ceffy at Dr. Bolt's workshop to have the piping work done.

A few hours later, the car was ready to be picked up. Here's the original rubber piping.

The new piping is kind of hard to see, but I took a few photos anyway.

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