Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Ella's 4th birthday party #2

You can see the first post about Ella's 4th birthday here:

Heading back into the party room, Ella's birthday cake was sitting on one of the tables. It was a cool and different one, with the exterior decorated like a cow skin, and a cowgirl hat on top, which I'm pretty sure is the one 'Jessie' from Toy Story 2 wears. I quickly got a few shots of the cake by itself before it was mobbed by the kids.

Ella was quite excited to see her special cake.

She liked the blue stars on top, pulling a couple out straight away.

One of the Hungry Jack's party hosts lit the candles.

With all the candles lit, everyone started to sing happy birthday.

While Ella knew she was at a birthday party, when everyone started singing, I think it only just clicked in her head at that moment that all this was for her. She couldn't hide her pleased and bashful smile.

Then it was time to blow out the candles, and Ella had quite a few helpers for that.

The cake was cut up and passed around on plates, and the kids got stuck into it. I don't know what it tastes like because of the whole not eating food for a year thing, but it did smell nice, which is mostly how I judge food.

Ella wasn't overly excited about eating the cake...why eat cake when you can have chippies instead?

She also enjoyed a soft serve ice cream cone.

Scarlett was getting a bit tired at this point, so Sally held her until she fell asleep.

With all this running around in warm weather, Ella needed to have some more water, so we sat her down while Emily put some through her gastrostomy tube.

Meanwhile, Scarlett was still snoozing away.

With Ella's water done and the Hungry Jack's party over, we started to pack up to go back to the Jakas' house.

Coming up in Post #3; more fun at home, including the pinata bashing session.

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