Saturday, 17 September 2011

Random Car Spotting: Porsche Carrera GT

I took these two photos on the way up to a dietitian's appointment at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, at around 9am. I was driving my parents' little red Corolla hatch, with my dad in the passenger seat down North Terrace, when traffic stopped for a red light next to the Adelaide Railway Station.

With the Classic Targa Adelaide on at the moment, there is a reasonable chance of seeing one of the competing cars at random around town. But it was still a pleasant surprise to have one of the most expensive and rare cars poke its nose out of the Hyatt Hotel driveway. Obviously I hung back so he could come out, and quickly grabbed my little Canon Powershot for a few snaps. I've never seen one before on the streets.

He didn't take much care pulling out onto the road, and I cringed as the front bumper scraped on the ground as he turned onto the road. The main thing that struck me about the car was just how wide and low it was, markedly different to almost any other car around.

With the lights going green a short time later, I paced along near the Carrera GT and a couple of other Porsches that were ahead of it, which you can see in the photos. There was another red light a bit further down, and I pulled up short of other cars in my lane, and managed to grab another shot of the rear quarter. 

After getting a photo with the whole car in the frame and nice sunlight, I stuffed the camera back into my pocket, and continued on to the hospital.

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