Friday, 19 August 2011

Luke Broadbent's Nissan A31 Cefiro at 2009 Mallanats.

Here's local drifter Luke Broadbent on the track at the 2009 Mallanats, and making short work of his Cefiro's rear tyres in the burnout competition. If there's a Cefiro in Australia that's been more consistently and brutally thrashed than this one over the past few years, I'd be very surprised.

Going for some big slides in the 'Extreme Entry' drift contest...

...edging closer and closer to the tyres on each run...

...and on his final run, got a little too close to the infamous Turn 1 tyre stacks.

The damage wasn't too bad, but the car was taken back to the pits on a tow truck.

With this 'Go hard or go home' attitude, Luke took out first place in the Extreme Entry comp.

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