Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ella's Story: Pneumonia

Ella is currently in hospital with bacterial pneumonia, and is having surgery to insert a PICC line to administer medications intravenously. She had 3 collapsed veins last night while the doctors were trying to get an IV line inserted, although they could still give her fluids through the naso-gastric tube. Due to a heart murmur she will have to see a senior cardiologist at the hospital before surgery, and also currently has two viral infections. She is not allowed to drink any fluids and has medication and water via the NG tube. 

Her lungs mimic Cystic Fibrosis, and Ella requires aggressive management for her chronic lung issues. She requires a high salt, high fluid and high calorie diet to keep her kidneys working and prevent renal failure.Unfortunately Ella gagged up her tube during surgery, then vomited up the second tube they put down. So the naso-gastric tube had to be re-inserted without anesthetic. 

The naso-gastric tube insertion was probably one of the most traumatising procedures for me in hospital last year;  the tube insertion and consequent choking and gagging from having something stuck down my throat, on top of nausea so bad I couldn't eat enough to stay alive. 

And Ella is only 3, she's a tough little thing. Hopefully having the intravenous medications for her lung infections will clear things up a bit. For more details about Ella's numerous health problems, have a look at the introductory post here:

 Photographer: Emily Jakas
Date: June 8th, 2011
Camera: Iphone

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