Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Around the web today; October 30th, 2013.

I've been busy and haven't had the chance to post anything for the past few days, so here's a whole bunch of links to make up for it:

A heavily modified Ford GT with 2000hp hits 278mph in only one mile, from a standing start:

Car blogs and websites frequently post videos and pictures of exotic cars, usually of Italian descent, going up in flames. This time it's a video of a Ford Falcon ute, showing the tray engulfed in flames, which are quickly quelled with extinguishers by several other people nearby. He then continues his drive to work like nothing happened, which doesn't seem like the best idea:

Some great footage of rally cars getting a whole lot of air on a jump in Switzerland. Competition level rally cars obviously have a lot of modifications to handle this kind of treatment, but I can't help but think that the brutal landings must have bent at least a few chassis out of shape upon landing:

A 600hp Mitsubishi Lancer Evo ascending a treacherously wet and steep hill climb course in Switzerland. There are some pretty hairy moments when the car gets crossed up under power. I don't like the way Evos sound all that much in comparison to its most common rival, the Subaru WRX, but only in the sense that their engine and exhaust note tends to be rather flat and characterless. This particular example has a tough soundtrack though:

In stark contrast to the Evo's flat drone, this open-wheeler's 3 litre V8 emits a deliciously aggressive, high pitched howl as it blasts through the course, leaving a deafening roar reverberating around the hillsides in its wake. Turn your speakers up. Lots.

While your speakers are turned up, watch and listen to this one too; a great variety of cars, engines and noises. The Lancia Delta Integrale at 1:30 sounds particularly deranged:

Some food for thought if you're not familiar with trucks and quite how much they cost to operate:

This Tata Xenon 'Tuff Truck' is something a bit different. I like it. Looks tough, as its name suggests.

Well this is awkward. It would be embarrassing to stack your chopper anywhere, let alone in your own driveway, in front of your wife. At least it was a very minor incident compared to similar attempts I've seen:

Red Bull is always coming up with cool ideas. Like racing a V8 Supercar against a plane on the beach in Queensland:

This certainly could have turned out a whole lot worse; a rally car barrel-rolling within arm's length of a crowd usually doesn't end well. The little hatchback rolls over so quickly it's almost impossible to count how many times it went over. The driver must have been awfully dizzy when the car finally came to rest:

A dramatic and sobering gallery featuring images of the recent NSW bushfires taken by members of the Australian documentary photography collective Oculi:

Some ridiculously tight tandem drifting from two Nissan S13 Silvias in Japan:

Some good advice from American photography guru Zack Arias about fear, in relation to both photography and life in general:

Some very scary footage of a Ducati high-siding and rolling before being hit by the following Yamaha R6 with helmet-cam, spraying fuel and bursting into flames during a race on a street circuit. Both riders were very lucky to escape with no injuries:

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