Friday, 10 August 2012

Fuel magazine launch #1

A few weeks ago, the publisher of Fuel magazine, Luke Ray, dropped into Auto Transformers in Adelaide, celebrating the launch of Issue 10 of Fuel, as well as a DVD documentary film.

I went along to have a look at some of the fine machinery gathered for the launch party, and here are some photos of the cool rides that showed up. It was a great opportunity to break in my my new Nikon D700 and 50mm f/1.4 combo.

While Fuel mostly focuses on hot rods and customs, there are always some motorbikes thrown into the mix, with a few tidy examples turning up, like this classic Ducati.

A couple of blue Fords with a few decades between them.

 One thing I love about hot rods is that quite often most of the engine is visible, something you can't enjoy in most other cars.

However, there's a plus to having a bonnet on your car, with plenty of interesting statuettes gracing the bonnets of American cars from the 40s, 50s and 60s.

As well as the hot rods, some clean and restored American classics lined up outside the workshop.

This 1930s Ford Anglia looked a bit menacing with its matte black paint and hefty rear tyres, and turned out to have a 327 Chev V8 in the engine bay.

It's not going to break any land speed records, but I really like the style of this 1920s Ford pickup, tastefully customised with whitewall tyres, pin-striping and open headers poking out from the engine black.

Buick certainly knew how to design beautiful cars, as this gorgeous 1951 coupe shows.

This custom Ford two door looked quite nice, with an antiquated car phone inside.

As well as the standard road bikes, there were a few heavily modified choppers and cafe racer style motorbikes amongst the cars and throngs of people.

I loved this Ford lakester style rod, very cool look with the red paintwork and white top.

While I was snapping photos of the Ford, this absolutely stunning Chev delivery van pulled in. Again, not exactly a speed demon, but one of the most beautifully restored and clean vehicles there.

I've always had a thing for 1950s pickups, and this tough Ford F-Series is a good example of the style.

While the cars attending were largely American hot rods, classics and customs, a few other nationalities showed up, like this Australian Ford Falcon.

From Europe, a funky looking BMW 2002 coupe.

Buicks certainly changed a lot between the 1950s and 1970s.

More photos coming soon in Post #2...

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  1. The red 1934 Ford hot rod with rego TIN 034 is seriously amazing! I'm finding it extremely difficult to locate a beast like this one in Adelaide. I noticed the SA rego so the owner probably lives here in Adelaide. I'm just inquiring how I could contact the owner. Please let me know at

    Regards, Michael Barry.