Sunday, 27 November 2011

My Cefiro #38: Wash and dirt.

The Ceffy was due for another wash, although being clean wouldn't last too long.

I was nice and let Sally do the grunt work with the scrubbing brush.

Then she took a few photos of me rinsing the car off.

While I'm obviously aware of the fact I don't weigh very much, due to the 'no food for a year' thing, this next photo surprised me a bit with quite how skinny I look. Considering I weigh about 10kg more than at the same time last year, I must have looked like a skeleton in hospital.

For a change of pace, later that week I made a random hills run down south, as I don't tend to go down that way very often.

I was thinking that it might be interesting and a bit of a challenge to shoot some photos on 35mm black and white film. While digital stuff is really good and more practical, you lose some of the mystery and guesswork by being able to see the photo straight away. And since you don't have a lot of photos to work with on a roll of film, I tend to be much more careful before hitting the shutter button. Instead of spraying 10 photos of something like I can do on digital, I really make sure the composition is exactly right before I take a photo, rather than several that are almost right.

Waiting another couple of weeks to see the photos is interesting in its own way as well. So along with my Nikon digital SLRs, I packed my old Canon EOS 33 with a 50mm f/1.8 lens, and picked up a couple of rolls of Kodak TMAX 400 in Blackwood.

So the next few posts will have a mix of the black and white film photos, as well as the colour images from my digital SLRs.

 Heading further into the hills, I stopped along a nicely tree-lined bit of road.

Following that, I undid all the cleaning work with more random dirt road explorations.

The dirt track wasn't as quiet as it first looked, with a livestock truck passing by... well as the incessant humming sound of thousands of bees.

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