Monday, 24 October 2011

Ella's 4th birthday party #3

You can see the first two posts about Ella's 4th birthday here:

After the short drive home and a bit of a rest, Ella wanted to go on the trampoline, under the watchful eye of cousin Zoe who did a great job keeping track of the kids on the day.

Scarlett thought it looked like fun and quickly joined them.

After bouncing around for a while, everyone squeezed out into the yard. Scarlett went over to look at Ellas new cubby house...

..., while Ella opened a card and present from Sally and I; a Lion King DVD. If you've been reading the 'Ella's Story' blog posts, you'll know she absolutely adores The Lion King, or 'Hakuna Matata', as she calls it.

Meanwhile, there was another cousin versus cousin battle for the ever-popular Lightning McQueen car, which Sally and I gave Scarlett for her first birthday.

Although there was clearly not enough room for Scarlett, she spent several minutes trying to squeeze herself into the seat and close the door.

It was then time for Ella to enjoy our second present; the castle pinata full of lollies and chocolate. 

After stringing it up from a piece of piping, Ella and cousin Max took turns at hitting the castle with the whacking stick.

They weren't doing much damage, so Emily stepped in for a few hits, taking out one of the turrets.

Ella and Max had few more whacks.

Grandma then had a go, while Ella jumped around excitedly. 

Zoe then hit the castle hard enough to rip it from the elastic string.

Scarlett seemed a little puzzled by the stick, and settled for some hands-on treatment instead.

The kids weren't really doing much damage, so Emily stepped in to finish it off, really laying into it while Daniel held it up.

After copping an enthusiastic hit to the hand, Daniel tore the rest of the hole open, pouring out the pinata's full load of sugary treats. 

Once all the lollies had fallen to the ground, Ella took another few seconds to process what had just happened, and then excitedly said 'Yaaay!', before proceeding to scoop up some of them, along with the other kids. 

Here's a video Sally took of the pinata bashing, it made for quite a funny clip. 

Scarlett wasn't about to let a little thing like plastic wrappers stop her from eating them, and put them in her mouth anyway, the flavour a little more bland than the manufacturer probably intended. 

Ella liked the look of the ice-cream ones. 

 Everyone had fun picking through the pile of lollies on the ground.

Sally and I had to head off shortly after, so I quickly got the Jakas family together for a family photo before I left.

 I got them to sit down next to a plain brick wall. This first shot kind of reminded me why I don't tend to do this kind of photo very often with kids; Scarlett and Ella both started crying as soon as they sat down.

Fortunately Sally saved the day by making silly faces and dancing around behind me, which had everyone smiling and laughing again.

After getting these family photos, Ella ran off fairly quickly, going down the driveway. Already on our way out, Sally brought her back and we said goodbye again.

So with that we left, pleased that Ella was able to have a fun birthday after a tough 2011.

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