Friday, 10 June 2011

IV fluids.

The first day of a nearly seven week stint in hospital.

This photo was taken on September 29th, 2010. I didn't get to sleep in my own bed again, without lots of other sick people around me all the time and the fairly frequent sound effects of vomiting day and night, until November 15th.

I was on IV fluids for pretty much the whole time, meaning the quite large and painful drip had to be changed quite a lot over the course of the hospital stay. It didn't help that my veins are hard to tap anyway, and repeated attempts at drip insertions plus daily blood tests didn't leave them in a particularly good state. But with my gastroparesis making the nausea so bad I couldn't eat and drink enough to even get close to being adequately nourished and hydrated, there wasn't much choice.

Photographer: Rohan Phillips
Camera: Canon Powershot A480
Exposure: 1/40 @f/3.0, ISO 400

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